Stop wasting scheduling your life

Flexcal lets you dynamically schedule time, without having to block out chunks in your calendar.

How it works

YOU hand out your unique URL.

THEY request a meeting, including priority and details.

YOU pick a specific meeting, or just turn on your availability.

Flexcal notifies in real-time and organises an instant meeting.


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No more scheduling 3 weeks in advance. And then someone has to cancel… another 3 weeks will go by.

Perfect for

-Seamlessly manage ad-hoc calls and 1:1s. -Take the ‘availability-dance’ out of time-critical calls. -Make yourself available in designated slots so team members can request your time hassle-free.

-Turn your down-time into productive time! -Stop losing time scheduling in meetings. -Take out the pain of re-scheduling meetings. -Take the guess-work out of who can talk with you, right now.

-Let potential customers to book your time flexibly. -Minimise the risk of losing leads due to lack of available slots. -Negate the impact of last-minute cancelled meetings by offering ad-hoc slots that can be picked up on a first-in, best-dressed basis.

-Take out the stress of back-to-back calendars. -Schedule calls whilst doing other stuff, like taking the dog for a walk or helping out with home schooling. -Sync up with people when it suits versus being a slave to your calendar.

-Really busy and got tonnes of people requesting your time? -Give them your profile so they can request a meeting, set their preferences and let you initiate the call whenever it suits YOU. -Juggling meetings in multiple timezones


Flexible working needs flexible Scheduling

Create meeting invites without the fuss of scheduling a time Get on top of ad-hoc calls and 1:1 meetings Stop wasting time finding a time that suits Fill your cancelled slots seamlessly

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Available on iOS and Android

You can totally tap the toggle in the variants menu and turn it off, then the front of your iPhone will have colors too.

Book meetings on your own terms, automatically






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